Premier Vegas


Our collaboration with Premier Vegas, known as “Premier Vegas Overdrive,” takes audiences on a captivating journey through time and technology. Transitioning from the nostalgic hi-fi era of the 90s to an electrifying cyberpunk future, this project represents more than just motion design; it’s a bold leap into the forefront of online casinos. With Premier Vegas as our partner, our goal was to captivate audiences across French, Portuguese, and English markets through Canal Plus with an innovative TV commercial.

Bucket Culture Flow

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United States basketball brand Bucket Culture teamed up with us to create a slam-dunk 3D motion design and product visualization animation, bringing their apparel to life with dynamic and visually captivating effects.

Audi Go Play SQ8

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Adding a Playful Touch to the Audi SQ8: While the Audi SQ8 stands strong on its own, we chose to infuse a playful element. This visual approach invites consumers to immerse themselves in uniquely uplifting experiences that seamlessly merge physical and digital realism.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label


Journey Through Elegance: Unveiling the Mesmerizing Fusion of Liquid Particles and Molten Gold in Johnnie Walker Blue Label Legendary Eight’s Tribute to 200 Years of Legacy. – Origins


In a bold move that reshapes the landscape of sports betting, launches the “The Game Starts Here” campaign. Rooted in the belief that every sporting event begins with, we embarked on a journey to craft a modular design and animation structure that sets the stage for a thrilling gaming experience. – Brand Campaign (2019)


Amidst a year of explosive growth in the sports betting industry, has emerged as a leader, captivating audiences with their innovative approach to gaming. In collaboration with, we embarked on an exhilarating journey to create a quick spot for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, harnessing the power of creativity and technology to craft a truly unforgettable experience.

Made By The Mountain

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“Made by the Mountain” merges art, tech, and nature, uniting sleek bike design with rugged mountain essence. It embodies form and function, thriving in mountain terrain. This innovative project transcends visual aesthetics, delving into storytelling and immersive experiences. Welcome to a groundbreaking exploration of bike design and nature’s beauty.

New Balance

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We had the opportunity to collaborate with New Balance through IamCreativ to create a 25” second promotional video campaign, showcasing the 5 new shoes from New Balance. This campaign highlights the brand’s ‘Less But Better’ philosophy, emphasizing intelligent use of space and thoughtful simplicity. Each frame tells a story, capturing New Balance’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, inviting viewers into a world where every step unfolds a narrative. It’s more than just a campaign; it’s a visual storytelling masterpiece.

Vix Plus – World’s First Spanish-Language Streaming Service.


VIX, in collaboration with Interbrand and Meaningful Gigs, partnered with Quite Franckly to launch a groundbreaking streaming platform, VIX Plus. This innovative venture kicked off with the creation of a 3D logo build and a comprehensive case study, setting the stage for a brand that defies conventions and redefines the streaming experience.

Premiere Bet – Bold New Vision

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Discover how Premier Bet’s TVC spots, designed in collaboration with us, have redefined the game in the online sports betting industry.

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