Vix Plus – World’s First Spanish-Language Streaming Service.

VIX, in collaboration with Interbrand and Meaningful Gigs, partnered with Quite Franckly to launch a groundbreaking streaming platform, VIX Plus. This innovative venture kicked off with the creation of a 3D logo build and a comprehensive case study, setting the stage for a brand that defies conventions and redefines the streaming experience.

Project description

Quite Franckly embarked on crafting a brand narrative that deeply resonates with the Spanish-speaking audience for VIX and VIX Plus. The vibrant color palette, particularly the use of orange and gradients, evokes a natural lighting ambiance that sets the tone for the platform. The brand’s logo reveal and 3D application were meticulously designed to embody a glass-infused world of light and multiple screens, symbolizing abundance and diversity in content. The dynamic shapes and modular design elements seamlessly transition between narratives, creating an immersive visual experience that captivates viewers. VIX Plus offers a diverse range of Spanish-language entertainment, news, sports content, and original shows tailored for audiences across the U.S., Mexico, South America, and beyond.

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Our approach

Our creative approach focused on expressive, minimalist, fluid, rhythmic, and cinematic motion direction to bring the VIX brand to life. By delicately balancing shape and color interactions, we aimed to craft imagery that is not only engaging but also memorable. Incorporating both 2D and 3D elements in our visual narrative allowed us to seamlessly transition between different versions of the platform while maintaining brand unity. The challenge lay in creating a cohesive environment that harmonized the 3D depth of VIX Plus with the flat design of the standard version. Through meticulous editing and motion graphics work in the case study video promo, we showcased the diverse content offerings on VIX with creative transitions synchronized to music and lyrics, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

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Client – VIX
Agency – Interbrand
Location – America
Duration – 2 Months for 3D Logo
Duration –  5 weeks for Case Study


Grant Franck – Project lead/Creative Director/Design

Jessica Craig – Producer

Lucy Wiles – Producer

Mirna Protovena – Storyboard Artist 

Lize-Marie Dreyer – Designer

Clinton Loxton – 3D Scene Set-Up

Victor Hugo – 3D Animation

Claire Bowden – Compositor


Concept Design
3D Design And Animation 



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