Audi Go Play SQ8

Adding a Playful Touch to the Audi SQ8: While the Audi SQ8 stands strong on its own, we chose to infuse a playful element. This visual approach invites consumers to immerse themselves in uniquely uplifting experiences that seamlessly merge physical and digital realism.

Project Description

The Audi SQ8, priced from 86,700 euros, is a flagship SUV coupe known for its sporty yet elegant design and advanced lighting features like HD Matrix LED headlights and digital OLED rear lights. To highlight the SQ8 using lighting, camera work, and 3D rendering in Cinema 4D and Redshift, focus on creating a detailed 3D model that emphasizes its sleek lines and dynamic contours. Utilize realistic materials and lighting effects to bring the vehicle to life digitally, showcasing its luxurious appeal and modern design language through strategic camera angles that accentuate key features such as the advanced lighting technology.


Our approach

At Quite Franckly, we innovate by combining design, direction, and motion design to showcase product uniqueness. Our creative process involves storyboarding, 3D modeling, lighting setup, and animation. For the Audi SQ8 project, we added brand gradients to lighting for a captivating effect. This approach integrates visual aesthetics and brand identity to enhance product presentation. In a concrete setting with screens, we illuminated the 3D model using our brand colors and matched music to the scene for a distinctive portrayal of the product design.

C4 1


Client – Audi Go Play SQ8

Duration – 2 Weeks


Grant Franck – Project Lead/Creative Director/Compositor 

Lucy Wiles – Producer

Luke Knox – 3D Designer 


3D Scene Set Up



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