SuperSport – Currie Cup

Quite Franckly, in collaboration with Studio Zoo, unleashes the Beast within for SuperSport and the Currie Cup 2017. This cell animated promo, handcrafted frame by frame, illustrates the intensity of the rugby tournament. The team at Quite Franckly and Studio Zoo have tackled the challenge of bringing the bone-crunching action to life through a unique blend of motion graphics and 2D animation, capturing the essence of the Currie Cup and SuperSport's partnership

Project description

Our client, SuperSport, a leading sports broadcaster in South Africa, commissioned us to create a promotional video for the Currie Cup 2017. The Currie Cup is a prestigious rugby union competition that holds immense significance in South African rugby culture, embodying the spirit of intense sporting rivalry and passion. As the oldest provincial rugby competition in the world, the Currie Cup showcases the best rugby talent in South Africa and has a rich history dating back to 1889. Our task was to visually capture the essence of this historic tournament and convey its excitement and tradition through a promotional video that resonated with fans and viewers.

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Our approach

To tackle the brief for the Currie Cup promo, we embarked on a creative journey that blended traditional cell animation with live-action footage. We meticulously crafted illustrations representing each team participating in the 2017 Currie Cup, ensuring that every detail reflected the unique identity of the teams. These illustrations were then animated frame by frame over footage of the players, seamlessly integrating animation with live action to create a visually striking narrative. By infusing artistry and authenticity into our approach, we aimed to bring the raw energy and intensity of the tournament to life on screen. This innovative technique not only celebrated the tournament’s heritage but also captured the passion and dedication of the players, resulting in a promo that stood out for its creativity and visual impact.

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Client – SuperSport
Agency – Studio Zoo
Location – South Africa
Duration – 2 weeks


Grant Franck – Project lead/Creative Director/Producer

Grant Franck – Compositing and Cell

Jay Gordon – Illustration


2D Illustration
Cell Animation


Photoshop/Sketch Pad
Adobe Illustrator
After Effects
Adobe Animate

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