Bucket Culture Flow

United States basketball brand Bucket Culture teamed up with us to create a slam-dunk 3D motion design and product visualization animation, bringing their apparel to life with dynamic and visually captivating effects.

Project description

The result, featured on web and mobile platforms as part of their brand introduction, showcases Bucket Culture’s products in a visually stunning representation that directly appeals to its target market. This dynamic brand narrative elevates Bucket Culture and its products, presenting them in a unique and unforgettable way.

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Our approach

The concept is deeply rooted in basketball culture, transitioning seamlessly into the promotion of the client’s product or apparel when the iconic ball successfully makes a swish, solidifying the game. This elevation of “Bucket culture” is exemplified as the ball transforms into their iconic hoodie, becoming prominently visible. The product emerges organically from the game, encapsulating the very essence of basketball culture.

The animation process commenced with Houdini, utilized to simulate the clothing’s movement and behaviour, ensuring a natural and believable appearance. Careful animation and simulation techniques were employed to replicate real-life clothing behaviour.

Subsequently, the animation transitioned to Maxon Cinema 4D, where lighting, texturing, and final animation touches were applied. Within Cinema 4D, meticulous attention was given to crafting lighting that enhances the 3D forms of the clothing and accentuates the details in the texturing. The animation was then rendered and refined to achieve a seamless final product.

b4 scaled


Client – Bucket Culture
Location – America
Duration – 2 Weeks


Grant Franck – Project Lead/Creative Director/Designer/Compositor 

Jessica Craig – Producer

Hendrik Kok – Houdini

OneNationStudio – Audio design & SFX


3D Simulation 
3D Animation 
3D Modeling & Texturing
3D Scene Set-Up



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