Short of breath, full of Life – Everesting Cystic Fibrosis World Record

In the poetic rendition of Jason Van Slots' journey with Cystic Fibrosis, each breath becomes a testament to resilience and hope. The poem intertwines the challenges of the condition with his recent endeavor to break the World Record, symbolizing the uphill battle he faces with both determination and grace.

Project description

Amidst the metaphorical mountain he must ascend, Jason’s lungs struggle for air, yet his spirit remains unwavering. Each step forward is a defiance against the suffocating grasp of his illness, carving a path not just for himself but for those still ensnared in its grip. As he gazes upward towards the summit, the prize of life-saving medication glimmers in the distance, a beacon of hope in a landscape fraught with obstacles.

As he searches for Identity through the life-threatening disease he is faced with difficult choices that define his path and set him apart. He smashed the Cystic Fibrosis World Record by 1 hour and 8 minutes. Jason continues in the hope to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis and to raise funds for negations to bring life-saving medication into South Africa at affordable prices.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) came with a life limit expectancy until Trikafta/Kaftrio was developed, a lifesaving medication for this chronic lung condition. The cystic fibrosis community, Jason van’t Slot included, didn’t know if a medication like this would be available in our lifetimes. Now it is available, but unfortunately, because of South Africa’s geography and its financial cost, it’s impossible for most in South Africa. If you want to know about this journey and how you can help please click on the following link:

The aim of Jason van’t Slots ‘Everesting’ (the act of cycling laps of a single hill, until the height of Mount Everest (8848m or 29 000 ft) is accomplished in one ride and no sleep) is raising funds and awareness for the South African Cystic Fibrosis Association (SACFA) to support legal negotiations and other costs necessary to facilitate access to this life-changing medication (Trikafta/Kaftrio) for all South Africans living with cystic fibrosis at an affordable price keeping in mind the country’s poor economic status. 

This medication is available in selected first-world countries, but at the moment those living with cystic fibrosis in South Africa have to go overseas to get their hands on it. It’s also financially impossible for most as the price for a 12-month supply of Trikafta is around R6 million or $311 000.

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Project script

This massive mountain I must climb.

Steep. Rocky. Dangerous.

Im still.

I can’t stay or I’ll fade.

I breathe one more step.

Drowning lungs never fully filled…Yet I fight.

Carving a path along the way for others’ still…stuck.

My lungs are syrup and the mountain is scolding,

I push onwards and upwards, my stories of choice, a grace unfolding.

My lungs rise, I look up and see the prize through widening eyes.

Medicine to pause to breathe, absorbing air that gives life.

I am at a point where every breath counts.

My time is running out. I need your help.

I can not breathe.

I will finish the climb, this is my purpose this is my time.

I breathe in hope you will join this massive mountain we face,

our choices have power in extending the Grace.

Help free us to breathe and finish the race.

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Our approach

Quite Franckly crafted a visual narrative that captures the essence of Jason’s extraordinary journey. Through cinematic storytelling and evocative imagery, we invite viewers to experience the highs and lows of his odyssey firsthand. Jason’s poetic journey, masterfully woven into the fabric of the film, serves as a soul-stirring anthem of resilience and hope.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a keen artistic vision, we embarked on a journey of our own, capturing every nuance and emotion with precision and grace. By embracing a monochromatic aesthetic, we highlight the stark contrasts of Jason’s journey, accentuating the triumphs and tribulations that define his path.

Together, our film stands as a testament to the power of human perseverance and the unwavering spirit of those who refuse to be defined by their circumstances. Through our collective efforts, we strive to not only raise awareness but spark meaningful action in the fight for equitable access to life-saving medication for all those affected by Cystic Fibrosis.

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Client – Jason Van Slot

Location – South Africa

Duration – 6 weeks


Grant Franck & Marius Van Rensberg – Production Producer 

Grant Franck – Director

Grant Franck – Poem Written and read

Marius Van Rensberg – Cinematography

Greg Canning – Sound Design

Grant Franck & Marius Van Rensberg – Edit

Grant Franck & Daniel De Villiers – Color Grading

Justin Sandmann  – Drone


Colour Grading


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