Adidas Triple Black Collection

Partnering with WoodWork Amsterdam, Quite Franckly was entrusted with the task of creating high-end simulations for Adidas' Triple Black Collection. The project involved illuminating the 90s Odeza Adidas shoe scenes with dynamic dance moves, enhancing the design and setup to embody a fusion of creativity and innovation.

Project description

The Adidas Triple Black Collection represents a fusion of classic 90s style with a contemporary twist, embodying a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. This collection showcases a range of products, from footwear to apparel, all designed in a monochromatic black color scheme that exudes elegance and versatility. Our massive dance moves lit up the 90s Odeza Adidas shoe scenes design and setup. The agency-inspired turnaround amplified the transformation as we melted records and launched rockets.

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Our approach

We played a crucial role in the creative direction, lighting, texturing, design, and animation in three scenes using Houdini, Cinema 4D/Redshift, and After Effects. By integrating culture shafew nodes and setting up smoke and vinyl simulations in Houdini with seamless transitions into Cinema 4D for added polish, we ensured a meticulous approach to every detail. The final renders were expertly produced in Redshift and composited in After Effects, resulting in visually striking imagery that encapsulated the essence of the Triple Black Collection. This collaborative effort with WoodWork Amsterdam culminated in a captivating visual representation that not only showcased the products but also immersed viewers in a world where sophistication meets innovation.

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Client – Adidas, Studio A

Location – America

Duration – 3 weeks


Cory Chonko – Client Creative Producer:

Martin Granger – Client Snr Manager Creative Production

Ivan Domingo – Client Creative Director

Kim Hoffenberg – Client Senior Art Director

Woodwork Amsterdam – Directed and produced by

Marvin Koppejan – Executive Creative Director

Nina Fabel – Executive Producer

Creative Director: Menno Fokma

Marvin Koppejan – Storyboard

Menno Fokma – Editing

Menno Fokma – Animation & Compositing
Airton Groba – Animation & Compositing
Marvin Koppejan – Animation & Compositing
Ernst Noort
– Animation & Compositing
Grant Campbell
– Animation & Compositing
Aviv Tal
– Animation & Compositing

Rudolf Jansen van Vuuren – Simulations
Aviv Tal – Simulations

Jessica Craig (Quite Franckly) – Simulation production
Grant Franck (CD, Quite Franckly) – Simulation direction

Roberto Andreu – Graphic Design:

Max Gramser (THNDR) – Music & Sound Design


3D Animation


After Effects

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