The Last Seed – Film

This documentary is a testament to love, collaboration, and award-winning creativity. We were honored to play a vital role in shaping its visual journey through Art Direction, Design, Colour Grading, and Animation. Huge congratulations to the entire team for our well-deserved festival recognition! Let's continue to work together, transforming narratives and leaving a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

Project description

“The Last Seed” delves into the pressing issues surrounding food and agriculture in 21st-century Africa. At its core is the struggle for control over seeds, shedding light on the historical processes that have brought us to this pivotal moment and what it will require to harmonize our relationship with the planet without jeopardizing life itself. Through the medium of music, dance, compelling visuals, and the authentic narratives of African small-scale food producers, the film poses two essential questions: What have we forfeited, and who can illuminate a path forward? Experts simplify the complexities of corporate dominance, intertwining science, politics, and economics, while vibrant animations punctuate their insights. Testimonies from agroecological farmers across Africa attest to the sustainability and adaptability of their practices, offering invaluable wisdom. Ending on a hopeful note, the film highlights the resilience of Senegalese women as they rise to safeguard their seeds and indigenous knowledge for the benefit of generations to come.

Project awards

Geneva International Film Festival 2022 – Winner

Black Swan International Film Festival 2022 – winner

Western Canadian International Film Festival – Best Documentary 2022

Cine Paris Film Festival 2023 – winner

Colorado Environmental Film Festival 2022 – best feature documentary

Beyond Border International Film Festival – Winner

Best International Film Festival – Winner

The Environmental Film and Screenplay Festival Los Angeles – Winner

Africa International Human Rights Film Festival

Under Our Skin Festival: International Festival of Human Rights

uMgungundlovu Film Festival 2022

Quotes From Earth 2022

Natourale 2022

Africa International Human Rights Film Festival 2022

ACAMPADOC Panamá 2023

African International Human Rights Film Festival Nigeria 2022

Crossroads Film Festival Austria 2023

Minnesota International Film Festival 2023

Chennai International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2023

Aravali International Film Festival 2023

Blacksphere festival 2023

The Last Seed Planted
LastSeed Stills 63
LastSeed Stills 08

Our approach

Quite Frankly played a pivotal role in shaping the overall packaging, art direction, design, and color grading of “The Last Seed” documentary, each aspect contributing uniquely to the film’s impact and narrative cohesion.

The Last Seed Planted 3
LastSeed Stills 62 1
LastSeed Stills 28 1
The Last Seed Planted 2
LastSeed Stills 18
LastSeed Stills 27 1 scaled
The Last Seed Planted 5

Packaging and Art Direction

Our team meticulously crafted the visual identity and aesthetic direction of the documentary, ensuring that it resonated with the intended audience while effectively conveying the film’s themes and message. From conceptualizing key visual elements to establishing stylistic guidelines, our art direction laid the foundation for the entire creative process, setting the tone for the viewer’s experience.


Leveraging our expertise in graphic design, we brought the documentary to life through compelling visuals and innovative storytelling techniques. Using tools like Illustrator, we designed the graphics for the 12 animations, infusing them with authenticity and cultural resonance. Our designs not only enhanced the narrative flow but also served as powerful visual cues that enriched the viewer’s understanding of complex concepts and themes.

Quite Franckly Wide angle cinematic photo Seeds farming crops P af90b51a af31 48a0 b3c6 112c19629f46
Quite Franckly Wide angle cinematic photo and illustartion Corn 3b97d58c 80b4 415a 9010 4f6e09581a74
Quite Franckly Wide angle cinematic photo Photo realistic Afric 7699b8cf e3f8 40a5 93fc 0b7bd54c0b37
illustration style 4 large
illustration style 3 large1

Animation and Motion Design

Quite Frankly brought dynamic energy to the documentary through expert animation and motion design. Using After Effects, we animated the graphics and visual elements, infusing them with fluidity and life. Our motion design expertise ensured seamless transitions and engaging visual storytelling, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Color Grading

Our mastery of color grading techniques in Davinci Resolve ensured that the film maintained a cohesive and visually striking aesthetic from start to finish. By carefully balancing color tones and enhancing visual depth, we heightened the emotional impact of each scene and imbued the film with a sense of cinematic richness. Our color grading expertise played a crucial role in elevating the overall visual quality of the documentary, immersing viewers in its narrative world.

Through our comprehensive approach to packaging, art direction, design, and color grading, Quite Frankly not only enhanced the visual appeal of “The Last Seed” but also played a vital role in shaping its storytelling impact. By seamlessly integrating these elements, we helped create a cohesive and immersive viewing experience that resonated with audiences and amplified the film’s message of sustainability and cultural preservation.

the last seed log to colour 1080p 1
Log to colour Last seed BTS frame at 1m5s
Log to colour Last seed BTS frame at 1m14s
the last seed log to colour 1080p
Log to colour Last seed BTS frame at 1m16s
Log to colour Last seed BTS frame at 0m59s
Log to colour Last seed BTS frame at 0m30s

Behind the scenes

See behind the scenes during the production of “The last seed”.

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DSCF8131 4896 x 3265
B2 9738 5760 x 3841
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B2 0154 5760 x 3841
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Copy of A013 C007 1004BS
B2 0375 5760 x 3841
B2 9748 5760 x 3841
DSCF8127 4896 x 3265


Client –  Andréa Gema Films


Grant Franck – Project lead/Creative Director

Lucy Wiles – Producer

Lize-Marie Dreyer – Illustrator

Claire Bowden – Motion Designer/ Compositor

Daniel De Villiers – Color Grading

One Nation Studios – Animation Audio


2D Animation
Color Grading


After Effects
Davinci Resolve

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